What are Dentures?

Dentures have been one of the common prosthetic treatment options for missing teeth; the other common options being bridges and teeth implants. The patient can remove them. They are a suitable for a range of missing teeth dental problems. Depending on the nature and extent of teeth replacement needed, your dentist at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental can offer you full dentures, over dentures or partial dentures.

“Full dentures” are used to replace entire set of teeth. Usually, any remaining teeth in your mouth would need to be extracted to fit full dentures.

Over dentures” are those that are fitted over remaining teeth. Generally, over dentures are more stable than full dentures.

“Partial dentures” are used for patients who have lost only few teeth. They help to restore normal biting and chewing; and prevent shifting of other teeth. Typically, they are made of acrylic dental resin; sometimes porcelain or metal may be used for additional structural support.

At Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates, we have years of experience providing dentures for our patients. So, we can make your dentures to look and feel like real teeth; they are made to fit individual patient needs.

When would we recommend Dentures for you?

Dentures are generally recommended for a range of dental problems involving missing teeth.
If you are experiencing teeth loss, please talk to your dentist at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental. We offer a range of dental treatment options to replace missing teeth.

The type of teeth replacement option suitable for you will depend on your specific individual situation. Your dentist at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental will be more than happy to schedule an appointment to discuss with you to figure out what teeth replacement procedure best suits your needs. For example, it is possible that you may not be a suitable candidate for dentures; instead, dental bridges or dental implants may be the option for you.

In any case, it is important that missing teeth are treated properly. Otherwise they can pave the way for other dental and health issues. There are several good reasons, other than esthetics, that we recommend you to address your missing teeth conditions.

Why replace missing teeth?

  • To maintain the natural shape of your jaw and face: If you have missing teeth for long, the shape of your jaw and face can change. Dentures can prevent this from happening.
  • To eliminate bone loss from your jaws: Once a tooth is lost, the corresponding jawbone beneath it will not receive stimulation and will start deteriorating. Dentures with the support of implants can prevent this problem to a great extent by stimulating the underline bone.
  • To restore certain facial expressions and functions: Missing teeth can affect facial expressions and functions that depend on the support of your teeth. Dentures help strengthen muscles controlling your expressions that require the support of your teeth. For example, it will solve any pronunciation problems.
  • To help restore normal biting and chewing: Missing teeth can cause biting problems, which in turn can result in improper digestion and related health concerns. Dentures can help solve these problems.

How we do Dentures?

It will take you about three to four visits to our dental office; to get your custom made dentures.
The first step is for us to take an impression of your mouth. This will give us your exacting measurements based on which we will start fabricating your custom made denture.

Depending on your oral circumstances and the type of denture, some of your teeth may have to be removed before taking your impression. Bone grafting or implant placements might be part of this process. In such cases you we will provide you with “immediate dentures”; it may require additional adjustments after the healing process is complete.

Our in house dental technicians at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates will work with you chair-side and are part of the diagnostic consultation, teeth selection and teeth try appointments.
Using your impression, our team will fabricate your custom-fit denture. Initially we will make a “preliminary denture”. Then you will come in for a “try on” appointment. At this appointment we will fit and try on the denture for you. With your input we will see if there is need to fine tune the color, shape, and custom-fit.

Then, your final custom fit denture will be fabricated and fitted for you.
At this time we will also provide you the detailed maintenance and care required so that you can have a pleasant and rewarding denture experience.

What you can expect and what are the risks, concerns?

  • Dentures most certainly will provide you a very natural appearance and great smile. They are made of very durable materials and typically last from five to ten years when properly taken care of. But since your mouth can change over the life of your dentures, they may need to be replaced in order to achieve a better fit, even before they are worn out.
  • You will notice that they correct several problems such as speech and chewing caused by missing teeth.
  • Dentures definitely take a little getting used to. Most people feel comfortable with their dentures in a couple of days. In the case of a full upper denture, the upper palate is covered which can reduce taste of foods you’re chewing.
  • Proper denture maintenance and good dental hygiene are important to avoid mouth irritation or mouth sores.
  • Your dentist at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental will schedule follow up visits based on your individual needs.