Extreme Smile Makeover

As seen on the nationally syndicated talk show, The DoctorsExtreme Smile Makeover is exclusively at Washington Metro Center Dental. Dr. Thanos Kristallis designs a customizable restorative procedure that will reinvent your smile and boost your confidence.

An Extreme Smile Makeover goes above and beyond traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures. Not only does is improve the appearance of your smile, it treats and corrects dental disease, decay, damage and defects.

There is no cookie cutter Extreme Smile Makeover procedure. Your treatment is a combination of dental restorative procedures that addresses your current dental appearance and health.

In most cases, an Extreme Smile Makeover is performed under local anesthesia and does not require surgery.

If you or someone you know is interested in reinventing your smile and dental health, please call Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental. We can discuss with you and work with you to determine if you are a suitable candidate for an Extreme Smile Makeover.

Extreme Smile Makeover as seen on The Doctos