Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

What are Dental Fillings or Dental Inlays and Onlays?

At some point, most of us end up with a cavity or two in our teeth. This is when dental fillings come to your rescue. Depending on the nature of damage to your teeth, your teeth may be restored using dental inlays or dental onlays.

Inlays are onlays are quite similar. In inlays, the restoration / filling is done by filling a solid material (generally porcelain or resin or gold) into the tooth cavity and cementing it into place.

The difference with an onlay is that it extends to replace a cusp. Onlays are generally used when more than a filling may be needed, but a dental crown is not required.

If you have tooth cavity, your dentist at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental will gladly discuss with you to determine what dental filling is best for your needs.

When would we recommend Dental Fillings for you?

Dental fillings are offered as treatment options when there is a need to fill missing anatomy of your teeth. The type of filling will depend on individual patient needs.

We have a wide range of top quality composite resin and porcelain fillings that will have the same color as your teeth. We have extensive experience in color-blending the filling to match the natural color of your tooth.

How we do it?

Simple dental fillings can usually be done in a single visit. It involves removing the decayed parts of your tooth and replacing it with the filling of your choice.

Inlays and onlays usually take one or two visits. At your first visit, the teeth decay or old filling, as the case may be, is removed. We make an impression of the tooth in our in-house dental laboratory. We will fabricate custom-made inlay / onlay, using your impression. At this time we also place a temporary inlay on your tooth if it is necessary. All of our inlays/onlays are fabricated in house. If you choose the same day immediate inlays/onlays we do not need to fabricate a temporary one.

At the second visit, if chosen, the temporary is removed and your custom-made inlay / onlay is bonded to your tooth. We check to make sure that they fit properly in your tooth and do not interfere with your bite.

What you can expect & what are the risks / concerns?

  • When done properly, there are no known risks associated with these procedures. We at Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental have extensive experience with this procedure.
  • You should expect porcelain inlays and onlays to last 10-15 years.