Zoom 1-hour Whitening

If you like to get your teeth whitened quickly an easily, Zoom® 1-hour whitening is an ideal choice. Many people, including stay at home moms to Hollywood stars, have used the Zoom whitening process to brighten their teeth.

If you are interested in instant gratification to improve the esthetics of your teeth by whitening, please call Dr. Thanos Kristallis & Associates at Washington Metro Center Dental.

Not everybody is a good candidate for Zoom Whitening. We can discuss with you and work with you to determine whether Zoom 1-Hour Whitening is a good option for you.

What are the differences of Zoom teeth whitening with the traditional whitening where whitening trays are used?

  • Zoom is a procedure done under the supervision of a dentist.
  • Zoom is particularly advantageous since it involves only one treatment. You can get your Zoon whitening done during your lunch break.
  • The results of Zoom whitening are immediate, giving you a sparkling smile in under an hour. Zoom whitens teeth far quicker compared to whitening trays and strips.

How does Zoom whitening work?

Zoom is a very simple procedure. After a brief cleaning of your teeth, a peroxide-based gel is applied on your teeth. In order to activate the gel, a special light is used which will accelerate the whitening process.

The action of the gel and the light together on your teeth significantly reduces the time it takes to whiten
The Zoom light is applied in three 15-20 minute intervals depending your specific condition and whitening requirements. Your dentist at Dr. Thanos Kristallis and Associates will be happy to explain the Zoom process. Please give us a call to discuss your options.

Who are good candidates for Zoom?

Not everyone is a good candidate for zoom whitening. If you consider Zoom as an option to give you an instant makeover, the doctors at Dr. Thanos Kristallis and Associates will examine your teeth to make sure no serious conditions, such as cavities or decay or existing periodontal disease are already present. In those cases these immediate problems are to be addressed before we could recommend Zoom whitening for you.

After care

A day after the treatment, you should avoid any sort of staining food or drink, especially wine, coffee, tea, and cigarettes. We may give you trays for brief follow-up refreshers. If you feel sensitivity with your teeth, you can use over the counter toothpastes that are recommended to reduce the teeth sensitivity.