Smile Trial

Revolutionary Smile Trial™ Brings a New Smile To Patients’ Faces

Temporary Cosmetic Dental Makeover

Try-On theBrand New Smile You’ve Always Wanted


Considering veneers or other cosmetic dentistry but just aren’t sure you’re ready to take the plunge? Dr. Thanos Kristallis of Washington Metro Center Dental takes the guesswork out of this popular cosmetic dental procedure. With his revolutionary new Smile Trial™, patients can now literally try on their new smiles first. It looks great, feels normal and lasts for weeks!

The groundbreaking short-term veneers are the first of its kind in the Washington, DC area. Never before have dental patients been able to kick the tires, look under the hood and have a dress rehearsal for their new smile. Most dentists utilize dental imaging to show a patient their new look but Dr. Kristallis actually gives the patient a Smile Trial™ where they actually wear the new temporary veneers–to try them out in their mouth. The quick and easy procedure is completed in just two short visits.

“We just take a look, make an impression, mold them overnight and place them in the next day. It’s that easy.” Dr. Kristallis explains.

The impression form fits to your present teeth. Once out of the mouth, the adjustments are made- smoothing, lengthening, shortening, orstraightening. The mold is filled with a new formulated flexible ceramic and once hardened; your Smile Trial™ is ready to go. At the next visit, it’s attached–cleanly and perfectly. There is no anesthesia or needles, just a quick mold and dental adhesive to attach your temporary smile.

“You will walk out after your second visit with the smile you’ve always wanted. We coined the phrase ‘painless and perfect’ because that’s what they are.”

Smile Trial is temporary, but lasts for weeks. You can eat, sleep and work without noticing any difference- except for the new looks you’ll be getting from friends, family and co-workers. Once the trial is up, the patient returns and Smile Trial™ is easily removed. If you do decide to move forward with the permanent veneers or cosmetic procedure, Dr. Kristallis and the staff at Washington Metro Center Dental are experience leaders in cosmetic dentistry.