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dental implants Washington DC

Dental Implants Washington DC

How often do you find someone with broken teeth or an uneven denture? Very rare, right. Yes, the world is advancing through new technologies in dental care. People are now very cautious about how they look or feel. They are willing to spend some bucks on being presentable. Due to some unfortunate events, they might have lost the perfect and natural shape of their teeth. But they are willing to bring them back with the help of Dental Implants. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the subject as to where you can get the best Dental Implants  Washington DC


Before knowing about the different places, many would be wondering what exactly a Dental Implant is and if it can be the perfect solution for their problem. So let’s first understand what Dental Implants means.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants were initially used for old people to help them eat hard and crunchy substances. A lot of people fondly called these Dental Implants a replacement or the  “Artificial Teeth”! They are made of titanium and are fit into the place of a missing tooth or to fix the natural denture. They help in transforming the facial contours and the entire facial structure. Also, they do not let the bone deteriorate when the teeth are missing.

So in a nutshell, they are only worth it if you want to keep yourself healthy, easy-going, and rebuild your facial structure.  Also, the dental implants are used to treat your missing, chipped teeth completely. Once you have these Dental Implants on, you can go back to eating crunchy foods and munch them as much as you want.

Many people would have their doubts if this dental implant surgery would go all proper. Well, according to the most famous daily newspapers in the USA, the dental implant surgery has a success rate of a staggering 95%. There are a lot of other Americans who seem to be loving the new them completely. So you can completely trust the process. Before going into how this surgery works, let us quickly tell you what the different types of Dental Implants are used for us. Here are the categories:

Types of Dental Implants found in Washington Dc

Dental Implants are of many types. The dentist who is examining your oral hygiene gets to decide which kind of dental implant would be suitable for you. After a series of tests and a thorough examination, the doctor chooses to what type of dental implant should be used on you. They take the final decision only after they weighing all the Pros and Cons. The main types of various dental implants are:

  • Endosteal: Endosteal dental implants are into the jawbone. They are also made of metal like titanium and are most widely used for dental implant surgeries. Also, this is an excellent way of helping your imperfect denture. Also, it is the most preferred kind of dental implant. They are generally used to bridge the gap of a missing tooth.


  • Subperiosteal: These dental implants are placed under the gum or sometimes above the jawbone. Sometimes, a few people may not have a healthy and natural jawbone. The most obvious solution is to go for a bone augmentation to naturally rebuild it. But if they want to avoid the pain it gives, they can go for subperiosteal dental implants.

There are of course two more types of dental implants known as Two stage type and Single stage type. These types are directly placed into the jaw, so a little bit of the implant is exposed.

Meet Dr Ryan- the Dental Implants Surgery Expert in Washington DC.

Hello, I’m Dr Ryan, a multi-specialist in Dental Implants. I graduated from the Washington Dental College majoring in Family Dentistry. One of my areas of expertise includes Dental Implant Surgeries. I have been handling those type of surgeries for more than a decade now. Considering the number of cases, I handled under this discipline; I think I am qualified to say that I can be trusted. Also, the past few years have been radicalizing the whole dental industry. With the surge in the use of technology everywhere, the dental implant becomes smarter, effective and in a way, very affordable. I am saying affordable because the kind and amount of features they possess; they should be way more expensive. But to suit the interests of people, the dental implants have improved, are healing the imperfections quickly and are leaving a positive impact on the people.

You can contact me if you want to know more about this dental implants fiasco.

What is the process of Dental Implants Surgery in Washington DC?

Dental Implants surgery is best done in Washington DC. We have top and experienced dentists who are going to take care of you and at the same time operate in a simple yet effective way. The dental implant surgery is simple. Would like to know the whole process? So here is an account on how this surgery is done:

  • First thing, the dentists prepare you for a series of examination and what kind of treatment plan you are best suited. You are supposed to be patient throughout the whole process. You need to get your dental X-ray done.
  • Then, based on your reports, a team of specialists will decide what best can be done to help you fix the problem. The dentists take the diagnosis very seriously, and a specialist from ever department related to the dental implant surgery is called for a collective decision.
  • Once, they have decided what kind of treatment plan is best suited for you; they will begin the procedure. You should note that a few types of implant surgeries may need more than one sittings and you need to visit your dentist continually.
  • Once you have decided that you want to undergo surgery and you have cleared all the preliminary test, you need to take care of what you eat and drink. Do not worry; the doctors will assist you in this. After that, you can choose what kind of anaesthesia option would you like to go through. Be it general or local anaesthesia or sedation, make sure you take ample rest once you get back home.
  • Now, if your case is the damaged tooth case, then the damaged tooth is removed. Then, the surgeons prepare your jaw for placing the dental implant.
  • Usually, the oral surgeon performs the placing of the dental implant on your jawbone. The surgeon drills hole into the jawbone to put the metal implant. Since this acts as the root for the tooth, it is compulsory to do it.
  • Then after it is healed, the abutment is attached. An abutment is something like a small piece where the crown gets attached.
  • The gum is reopened, the dental implant is exposed, and then this abutment is placed so that it attaches itself to the dental implant.
  • After the abutment is attached, you need to wait for a few weeks before you get a new set of artificial teeth. This time is given to the gums so that they can heal.

How Much Does This Dental Implant Surgery Cost In Washington DC?

After knowing this much about dental implants surgery, you must be wondering where and to which dentist you have to go. Well, you can choose us for some factors. The very first factor is the comfort and feeling home. When you come to use for consultation, we will make you feel home. We will run a few critical tests and then update you about your oral hygiene.

Also, once your problem is diagnosed, a team of doctors will ponder over your issue and come to a healthy solution. The whole surgery would be taken care of our expert dentists and their assistants. All you need to do is to follow the extensive treatment plan we curate for you so that you get well soon. You may have to come for a few more settings to complete this surgery and trust us; we will be there for you throughout the entire healing journey. Also, we would choose quality dental implants according to your budget.

We know how expensive the dental implants are in Washington DC but we try our best to get it covered. We promise to be your friend in the entire process and help you regain your lost confidence.


1)    How will I know if I am qualified for dental implant surgery?

You will know it when you qualify the preliminary tests we run. Also, dental implants will be only used if you have one or more missing teeth, to decrease the pain which the full-grown jawbone gives, have an adequate amount of bone density to help secure the dental implant into the jawbone, have good oral hygiene, etc.

2)    Can I complete this surgery on one sitting?

Well, it depends. Usually, when the jaw is prepared for the placement of the dental implant, it needs to go through a certain healing process. After the healing process, the abutment has to be placed. Therefore, you may have to come for multiple sittings.

3)    What are the options for tooth replacement?

You have single tooth replacement, fixed multiple tooth replacement, removable implant- supported tooth replacement. The decision lies with the doctor what best can be done to fix your problem as soon as possible. Also, the particular type of tooth replacement should be accepted by your body as well.

4)    Should we maintain the dental implants after the surgery?

Yes, of course! You need to maintain good oral hygiene after your surgery. Also, you need to go soft on your diet until you are not entirely healed. You have to visit your dentist so that once in a while they do check how the whole implant is blending with the gum and the jaw.



Thus this is how the dental implant surgery is performed in cities like Washington DC. This explains the whole account of dental implant surgery.

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